Can a late 1972 model JD 4620 be set up for a 540 pto?

jd 4620 set up for a 540 pto Problems

Can a late 1972 JD 4620 be prepared for a 540 PTO? I am thinking of buying a 4620 and the seller has told me that this particular 4620 (late ’72 model) was set up for a 540/1000 rpm PTO …….. I was wondering if it was right. true with your information BECAUSE I HAVE NEVER HEARD IT DONE ON A 4620 ???? ……. I’m far from the tractor so I can’t look myself ……. I need information quickly

The 4620 was NEVER factory equipped for a 540/100 rpm PTO. If I had to guess, a PTO speed conversion box may have been added to the machine to cut PTO revolutions in half as well as convert to PTO shaft size from 540 and striatum. Hub City and a few other manufacturers have done this BUT the gearboxes offered are only rated for 125 input hp. At 135 hp, the box can work fine, but I wouldn’t use it with the tractor at full power.

The other possibility would be for someone to simply glue the adapter coupling to convert the splines, but this would not work as well as you have to run the tractor at about half the rated speed of the PTO, which means only you have half the available hp of the tractor, if you are lucky.

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