I have a JD 4620 and the PTO will not stay on

jd 4620 pto will not stay on Problems

I have a JD 4620 and the Sighting does not stay on, what can I do? Most of the time it turns on and in a few seconds it is disconnected.

The lever of the force take over the floor and enters the clutch valve box. When the outlet is connected, an inner lever moves the reel valve of the power socket and the hydraulic pressure takes place and maintains the power socket connected. These levers inside the clutch valve box are made of metal. They tend to bend or break, when this happens, the valve will not move enough so that the hydraulic pressure maintains the power socket connected. If all other hydraulic systems work well, I would review this valve. If your hydraulic system seems slow or blink, then you could have a problem with your transmission pump. This is an internal pump that supplies pressure to the outlet, the permanent clutch and the hydraulic pump.

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