JD 4620 injection pump setting

jd 4620 injection pump setting Problems

I found the 4620 and prime 7020 to be the only 2 Deere engines with the JDC pump. I’d like the pump shop to fit the pump like a 7020 engine and not a 4620 engine, which should give me 10 more PTO horsepower based on Nebraska testing.

What are the risks of doing so, except that the tank drains too quickly?

It’s funny that the 4620 would then be more powerful than my 5020, built almost the same year! I’m pretty sure Deere didn’t want the 4620 to be more powerful than the 5020, so they downgraded the 4620.

I had my 4620 pump rebuilt a few years ago. The shop that made it set it to 170. The tractor has a fresh OH and is very strong. Pulling a 6×18 2800 plow without much trouble. I agree that the 135 hp rating is quite conservative for the size and weight of those tractors. I also have a 5020 and it seems like a weak milestone compared to my 4520 and 4620. The 5020 does well in a field cultivator if you can keep it rolled up, but plowing with it is a different story. I tested the 6×18 on it just to see what it could do and I could only pull it in 3rd. The 4th pulls him down and kills him. More than 100 cubes is no match for that turbo.

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