John Deere 4620 Engine Heater

john deere 4620 engine heater Problems

Any tips for installing the engine heater on the 4620?

If you are going to use it regularly, buy the tank type. Block ones are nice, but they are usually lower horsepower units than tank ones. They heat up the engine block, but they seem to take longer.

If it’s a restored tractor and you want it from the factory, then go with the style on the block. If you do that, the heater comes with a bolt and nut that hold the heater in the block. Take that bolt and nut, go to the hardware store, and pick something better quality. The supplied ones come off very easily.

The ones in the tank heat up faster, and if you ever have to change it, you can do it quickly by pinching the hoses with the jaws and not losing much or any coolant. It’s much quicker and easier than emptying the block, removing the element (usually stuck in pretty good if they’ve been in a while) struggling with the screw arrangement, and then refilling the radiator.

If the 4620 has the stock engine, there is a drain cock on the left side in front of the starter. Putting a tee there is a common place for the coolant source for the heater inlet.

There are multiple places to put the outlet … a plug on the right side of the head is a common one, a plug on the top of the oil cooler (as long as this engine has the round oil cooler on the right side is another , or a plug near the water pump is a third.

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