jd 4620 breakaway couplers Problems
JD 4620 breakaway couplers
Several years ago, I installed 3 Games of ISO couplers conversion kits in a 4620. Originally, it had “O” rings with nylon backing rings on
clutch on my jd 4620 syncro was vibrating and noisy Problems
Clutch on my JD 4620 syncro was vibrating and noisy
My brother’s 4620 syncro clutch was vibrating and making noise. Found pilot bearing destroyed, pilot thrust bearing missing. The release bearing
destroke valve does not work on jd 4620 Problems
New manual destroke valve does not work on JD 4620
I just bought a new destruction valve kit. JD’s new piece is slightly different from the one in the photo and appears to be much longer.
jd 4020 4620 compare by cost Problems
JD 4020/4620 compare by cost and maintenance costs
Two tractors, a ’66 4020, Syncro, like new tires, everything that is in excellent original form with 6000 hours and an owner vs ’
jd 4620 hydraulic problems Problems
JD 4620 hydraulic problems
I have fitted a new stroke control valve as advised by the JD dealer, sadly it did not seem to have helped. I have also noticed today that when the brakes
jd 4620 transmission pump loose Problems
JD 4620 transmission pump loose
The same 4620 that now works very well, electrical arranged, but has no hydraulic. I have removed the rock shaft and I have found that the transmission
jd 4620 retiming with no tdc mark Problems
JD 4620 retiming with no TDC mark
The one I’m working on has added the starter rubbing (I think) on the flywheel, and the TDC mark is gone. I thought I had found something but the
jd 4620 injection pump setting Problems
JD 4620 injection pump setting
I found the 4620 and prime 7020 to be the only 2 Deere engines with the JDC pump. I’d like the pump shop to fit the pump like a 7020 engine and not
jd 4620 steering valve leak Problems
JD 4620 steering valve leak
The 4620 had a hydraulic oil leak when I started it today, I may have had the engine revs too high when I removed the manual destruction screw from the pump.
jd 4620 reservoir drainback Problems
JD 4620 Reservoir Drainback
I have a syncro 4620 that as soon as I turn the engine off, I can hear all the hydraulic fluid draining from the front reservoir back to the filter relief valve.