john deere 4620 engine noiseProblems
John Deere 4620 Engine Noise
I recently purchased a JD 4620 which is generally in good condition. It has a total time showing around 5900 hours and seems to have taken good care of service.
john deere 4620 the injector pump went outProblems
John Deere 4620 the injector pump went out
I have a question about a John Deere 4620 tractor. The injector pump broke down and I purchased a remanufactured part from the dealer. I understand that
destroke valve does not work on jd 4620Problems
New manual destroke valve does not work on JD 4620
I just bought a new destruction valve kit. JD’s new piece is slightly different from the one in the photo and appears to be much longer.
jd 4620 transmission pump looseProblems
JD 4620 transmission pump loose
The same 4620 that now works very well, electrical arranged, but has no hydraulic. I have removed the rock shaft and I have found that the transmission
remove the injectors on a john deere 4620Problems
How do you remove the injectors on a John Deere 4620?
How do you remove the injectors on a 4620? Looks like a 16 prong wrench is needed, but that doesn’t fit on top of the injector. Do you use a line
jd 4020 4620 compare by costProblems
JD 4020/4620 compare by cost and maintenance costs
Two tractors, a ’66 4020, Syncro, like new tires, everything that is in excellent original form with 6000 hours and an owner vs ’
john deere 4620 hydraulics problemProblems
John Deere 4620 hydraulics problem
I’ve been chasing a problem in my 4620 hydraulic system and getting nowhere with it. The tractor works almost perfectly in winter in the feeder car
john deere 4620 loss of hyd when clutch is depressedProblems
John Deere 4620(S/C syncro) – Loss of hyd. when clutch is depressed
Thought I’d post the conclusion to the hydraulic pressure loss issue every time the clutch was depressed on our ’72 4620 syncro.
john deere 4620 tractor has hydraulic issuesProblems
John Deere 4620 tractor has hydraulic issues
A hydraulic problem appears.First it was the hoses and pipes, then the control valve, now it seems like the drive pump needs to be changed along with the
jd 4620 steering valve leakProblems
JD 4620 steering valve leak
The 4620 had a hydraulic oil leak when I started it today, I may have had the engine revs too high when I removed the manual destruction screw from the pump.