JD 4620 breakaway couplers

jd 4620 breakaway couplers Problems

Several years ago, I installed 3 Games of ISO couplers conversion kits in a 4620. Originally, it had “O” rings with nylon backing rings on the cast iron body to seal the barrels. The kit was coming with rings in “O” and rings in “V” newer, and I do not think the instructions were clear about which one to use, and I used the rings in “V”, installing them correctly. Various drops, and I have to take the barrels and take a look. Online parts only show the rings in “V” as spare parts. You have to go back to the first 4020 to find the rings “or” and the backrest washers.

Any comment on what style has you used / recommend for a tractor of that time? I want to be sure of having the pieces by hand before pulling the barrels.

I have found that many times the spiral rings let the tail slide beyond the O-ring, letting the oil pass, the rings I use have a double lip inside to give a type of double seal to the barrel, the I got in my hydraulic store, I found them when I was looking for better reliable stamps.

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