John Deere 4620 long axles

john deere 4620 long axles Problems

I have a 4620 with long shafts and I removed about 4 inches on each side with a demo saw. I cut mine but had no other choice. We were ready to start cutting the corn silage and when we started we realized that with a row of 2 on a 3940 there was no way to stop that axle from knocking down the corn. I used a blowtorch but left enough to re-cut it one day with a saw of some kind. Will this negatively affect its value?

You just have to put 900 / 50r32 tires on it and it will no longer protrude. Those tractors are now part of the “new” collectibles craze, leave it alone as it can hurt value.

If one cuts the axles there is no simple method to put the wheel retaining ring groove back on the end of the axle. Just tie red flags on them and drive.

I would think that the short shafts could easily be found in a salvage yard so I would swap out the shafts and keep the long ones on hand in storage. Long shafts are still available from DEERE (subs number to R53653).

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