How do you remove the injectors on a John Deere 4620?

remove the injectors on a john deere 4620 Problems

How do you remove the injectors on a 4620? Looks like a 16 prong wrench is needed, but that doesn’t fit on top of the injector. Do you use a line wrench or is the injector disassembled first?

A special JDE69C key is required.

The torch helps. Normally you have to heat the nut red hot. Let it cool down. Even that key won’t move it if it’s tight enough. I have broken a few. After heating it, you may still need to hammer with an awl.

If you decide to pull the head with the injectors still in place, be careful not to slide the head sideways while sitting on the block or putting it on the gasket surface, you can easily damage the “tips” of the injectors thatprotrude “below” the surface of the head gasket.

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