JD 4020/4620 compare by cost and maintenance costs

jd 4020 4620 compare by cost Problems

Two tractors, a ’66 4020, Syncro, like new tires, everything that is in excellent original form with 6000 hours and an owner vs ’72 4620 w / made of the cabin, Syncro, 80% rubber, 5000 reais hours And in very good original condition. Both have 3 original sts and double outputs and run and operate very well. Opinions on the value and reasons for the difference of value and all use of utility in 100 head of the dairy / cash farm. Did it suffer reliability when spending 404 from 95 to 135 cv?

The 4620 has 150 hp, has a front of high strength, a better hydraulic system, does not have a force 540, has turbo and is built in a heavier way. The 4020 is more manageable, it has a light front if it is thought of a loader, both outlets and guess there would be a lot of value difference. Depending on what you are going to do with the tractor one is a great task tractor and the other would be much better in the field.

Another consideration is the cost. For what they are, I think the 4020 are a little overvalued and the 4620 are somewhat undervalued. From what I see, you can get a good 4620 for the same money or less than a 4020 and you would have much more tractor.

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