What is proper method to bleed air from injector & filters on John Deere 4620

bleed air from injector filters on john deere 4620 Problems

I am trying to help a friend that someone else left before the job was completed. He R & R’d pump to replace the seals and tried to start without bleeding which did not work. I just need to know if there is a certain method to follow.

The tractor has a fuel transfer pump with a manual lever for pumping fuel.You can go straight to the injection pump and open the bleed valve on the side of the injection pump then pump the primer until you have only the fuel coming out of the injection pump. Then close the bleed valve. Then loosen the high pressure lines to the injector nozzles at the head end, then crank the engine until you have fuel squirting into the loose fittings. Tighten the lines and start the tractor.

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