JD 4620 hydraulic problems

jd 4620 hydraulic problems Problems

I have fitted a new stroke control valve as advised by the JD dealer, sadly it did not seem to have helped. I have also noticed today that when the brakes are pressed for more than seconds the pedal goes to the ground. there are no 3 points either. Could it be due to a bad leak somewhere or does it indicate the brake valve prob? I have opened the plug in the upper part of the rear transmission housing and I have tried to operate the 3 point but no oil has come out and I have not been able to see any oil sprayed inside.

3pt should not attempt to lift until standby is above 1600/1700 psi due to the pressure control valve directing oil to the brakes and steering. Increasing the standby to 2350 maximum will not harm anything. The internal leak will heat the oil.

With the gauge connected to the pressure control valve, tighten the stroke control valve adjusting screw to see if the pressure rises to 2250 psi.

If the brake pedal goes to the bottom of travel, it may be that the brake valve components are faulty or the sealing rings of the brake valve piston are bad. Did you check / adjust the standby pressure to 2250/2350 after installing the new SC valve?

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