my john deere 4620 loses its hydsProblems
My John Deere 4620 loses its hyds when i hold down the clutch
My 4620 jd loses its hydraulics when I press the clutch. I know if it lasts too long it is the nature of the beast. but it has reached the point that in
john deere 4620 how to change a pto sealProblems
John Deere 4620 how to change a PTO seal
I am trying to change a PTO gasket on my JD 4620. I thought the bearing shank would slide on the PTO shaft. I have removed the bolts from the shank and
john deere 4620 thermostartProblems
John Deere 4620 thermostart
What is your opinion on installing thermostatic plugs in the three intake chambers that go into the head on the 4620? We are concerned that it will get
john deere 4620 the idle went completely maxxed outProblems
I have a john deere 4620 (no turbo)… the idle went completely maxxed out.
I have a john deere 4620 (no turbo). It was working perfectly and then when running while stopped with the plow in the field, the idle was completely maxxed out.
john deere 4620 hydraulics problemProblems
John Deere 4620 hydraulics problem
I’ve been chasing a problem in my 4620 hydraulic system and getting nowhere with it. The tractor works almost perfectly in winter in the feeder car
remove the injectors on a john deere 4620Problems
How do you remove the injectors on a John Deere 4620?
How do you remove the injectors on a 4620? Looks like a 16 prong wrench is needed, but that doesn’t fit on top of the injector. Do you use a line
john deere 4620 powershiftsProblems
John Deere 4620 powershifts
Does this tractor have a cold start engine disconnect like the 4020/4000 powershifts? Yes, they have the lever, but I have seen more than one that had
john deere 4620 brakes leakingProblems
John Deere 4620 Brakes leaking
The brake breather has a leak in the 4620. The flexible tube that comes out of the top of the master cylinder and goes down, much like the old crankcase breathers.
john deere 4620 loss of hyd when clutch is depressedProblems
John Deere 4620(S/C syncro) – Loss of hyd. when clutch is depressed
Thought I’d post the conclusion to the hydraulic pressure loss issue every time the clutch was depressed on our ’72 4620 syncro.
jd 4620 transmission pump looseProblems
JD 4620 transmission pump loose
The same 4620 that now works very well, electrical arranged, but has no hydraulic. I have removed the rock shaft and I have found that the transmission