john deere 4620 tractor has hydraulic issuesProblems
John Deere 4620 tractor has hydraulic issues
A hydraulic problem appears.First it was the hoses and pipes, then the control valve, now it seems like the drive pump needs to be changed along with the
john deere 4620 long axlesProblems
John Deere 4620 long axles
I have a 4620 with long shafts and I removed about 4 inches on each side with a demo saw. I cut mine but had no other choice. We were ready to start cutting
jd 4620 hydraulic problemsProblems
JD 4620 hydraulic problems
I have fitted a new stroke control valve as advised by the JD dealer, sadly it did not seem to have helped. I have also noticed today that when the brakes
clutch on my jd 4620 syncro was vibrating and noisyProblems
Clutch on my JD 4620 syncro was vibrating and noisy
My brother’s 4620 syncro clutch was vibrating and making noise. Found pilot bearing destroyed, pilot thrust bearing missing. The release bearing
jd 4620 breakaway couplersProblems
JD 4620 breakaway couplers
Several years ago, I installed 3 Games of ISO couplers conversion kits in a 4620. Originally, it had “O” rings with nylon backing rings on
jd 4020 4620 compare by costProblems
JD 4020/4620 compare by cost and maintenance costs
Two tractors, a ’66 4020, Syncro, like new tires, everything that is in excellent original form with 6000 hours and an owner vs ’
jd 4620 reservoir drainbackProblems
JD 4620 Reservoir Drainback
I have a syncro 4620 that as soon as I turn the engine off, I can hear all the hydraulic fluid draining from the front reservoir back to the filter relief valve.
bleed air from injector filters on john deere 4620Problems
What is proper method to bleed air from injector & filters on John Deere 4620
I am trying to help a friend that someone else left before the job was completed. He R & R’d pump to replace the seals and tried to start without
john deere 4620 steering issueProblems
John Deere 4620 Steering issue
I bought a 4620 at auction, advertised as a hydraulic pump problem. The front end has had a few pieces replaced, like the piece that connects both ends
jd 4620 retiming with no tdc markProblems
JD 4620 retiming with no TDC mark
The one I’m working on has added the starter rubbing (I think) on the flywheel, and the TDC mark is gone. I thought I had found something but the