JD 4620 transmission pump loose

jd 4620 transmission pump loose Problems

The same 4620 that now works very well, electrical arranged, but has no hydraulic.

I have removed the rock shaft and I have found that the transmission pump was very loose. It seems that the rear bearing of the upper axle spared and the rear pump has taken the load instead of the bearing and has not liked it. The casing is dead safe. The gear of the crazy wheel seems to be very well. The differential lubrication tube falls at the bottom of the transmission.

The rear pump is very stuck on the shaft, I did not have an extractor with me to get it out.

Now, I’m wondering where to go from there. I can get a pump used in the salvage yard of a 7020. The transmission seems to be fine (I have opened the lid).

How is the rear bearing cup kept in the transmission box? By the housing of the load pump? I have not found any elastic ring.

To reinstall the bearing, should you just heat the bearing, and push it there, then install the outer cup and press with the “new” pump?

The screws on the front of the upper axle are broken or loosened, then the bearing preload disappears, and allows the upper axis to be “push” by leaving the rear of the shaft to move until the transmission pump eats. And yes, the pump keeps the rear bearing track instead, you will have to divide it into the transmission box to deal with all this mess, and the elimination of the upper axis is the only way to change that bearing, and then the Number of wedges used under the front feather will set the preload.

You can put longer bolts and get nuts on a pair of bolts, and I have used a threaded insert on them, a little different from helical, are solid with threads on the outer side. Use a 1/2 “and drill bolt and paste the center to a 5/16”, then drill and paste the housing to 1/2 “, and screw the” Special “bolt into the new hole with the thread of Lock, then cut the bolt flush leaving a new 5/16 threaded hole “centered on the right place, some extra work but better than changing the housing.

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