John Deere 4620 pwr shift pto problem. With engine running is pto shaft free to turn or not?

john deere 4620 pwr shift pto problem Problems

71 JD 4620 Pwr Shift PTO problem. With the engine running, can the PTO shaft rotate freely or not? The PTO will not engage and last time I used it I thought I could rotate the shaft when it was running. The shaft remains locked regardless of the control lever position, but is free with the engine off. I know it has a kind of brake. Any advice is appreciated. The tractor has regular service and only 5100 hours.

When the engine is running the PTO shaft should rotate easily, with it engaged, and the engine off, it should not be able to rotate.

If it can, it’s not engaging, and you may have a disengaged or broken drawbar, or the PTO has broken internally.

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